About Us

About Us

A clinic that puts you first

Maher Sports Therapy is a clinic focused on your wellness.  Whether that is a Sports Injury, a condition that is making every day tasks difficult or just helping you to make the best out of your body, we can help you.

Our philosophy is takes a view of your body and your lifestyle to treat whatever condition that you present to us with.  We will try to cure both the condition to get you pain free. More importantly we will try to diagnose the reasons your condition arose in the first place and help you to put in place a plan to prevent recurrence.


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Peter Maher

Peter Maher

Sports Therapist and Orthotics Specialist

Peter was born in Ottawa, Canada, but grew up and was educated in Ireland.

He came to the Sports Therapy in 1990, as a result of his distinguished athletic career having competed in the Olympic Marathons of 1988 and 1992.

In addition to a total of 19 marathon victories and a world best for 25 KM, the pursuit of excellence led him to a multitude of injuries and thus spawned his passion for sports injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Peter has over years experience 29 working within Private Practice.

He is a confident and skilled manual therapist and uses up to date evidence based treatments in order to obtain the best results for a variety of conditions for non sports related injuries.

He has a special interest in sports over use conditions, as well as chronic pain, and thrives on freeing people from pain and discomfort in the shortest time frame possible. He is expertly placed to advise on returning to full fitness and preventing injury.

As a Qualified Sports Psychologist he is excellently placed to assist in rehabilitation from both acute and chronic conditions.

He is a specialist in gait analysis and orthotic prescription for the past 20 years.

He is also a qualified Primal Health Coach and has in-depth knowledge and personal experience in Adult Stem Cell Therapy.

Kevin Maher

Kevin Maher

Sports Therapist

Kevin was born in Cork in 1985 and qualified as a therapist in 2004. 
Kevin has been filled with a passion for all sports, but mostly a life long love of Basketball to this day.
"Basketball really makes me feel alive"
Kevin grew up in USA and was constantly exposed to world class athletes from a very early age and it was a natural progression to find himself working on athletes later in life.
"I thoroughly enjoy coming to the clinic everyday with the opportunity to put my skills to the test. I am blessed that it never really feels like work and each day presents with a never ending variety of new challenges."
With exposure and participation in sports he has come to understand the treatment protocol from both the clinical perspective and the athletes view. This has been invaluable in obtaining fast positive outcomes for his clients.
Getting athletes back on their feet to play again in a timely fashion with optimal rehab is very rewarding, and from his own personal experience in injuries, this has afforded some exceptional opportunities to learn from rehab mistakes and pass this on.
kevin is building a solid base in Biomechanics as it pertains to injury treatment, understanding that it plays a significant role in prehab and rehab of any successful treatment.


  • Winner of National U20 Basketball Title with The Blue Demons 2003
  • Twice Completed New York City Marathon.