Frozen Shoulder (Rotator Cuff)

Metatarasal Pain Treatment Cork

Are you struggling to play your favourite sport, is it a drag not being able to play golf, tennis, squash or any racket sport.

Have the painkillers and anti inflammatories failed you?

This sometimes sharp pain and at other times downright achy can make trying to dress in the morning difficult.

This pain and discomfort can really get you down even give you a sense of frustration.

The very nature of this injury is complex, and also can be be very difficult to rectify.

Frozen shoulder (rotator cuff) is a slow injury to heal.Firstly there are multiple muscles sometimes as many as seven and their tendons and bursa involved in this which exacerbates the problem.Secondly we put pressure through this area every time we even raise are arm to get something out of the cupboard, putting on our coat can be difficult don’t even think of swinging a golf club.

Thirdly it’s very sensitive to touch and can by it’s very nature be quite disruptive to sleep adding to the length of time to recover.

How we can help

We have a proven track record in successfully treating Frozen shoulder through our unique Infra Red Sauna and Hydrotherapy / hands on approach.

These treatment modalities greatly assist in speeding up your recover time.

By intensifying the blood into the various muscles and tendons it’s allows for pinpoint accuracy in activating the trigger points that are disruptive to normal range of motion activities.

You will receive a very comprehensive review of the factors involved and you can expect to experience a dramatic improvement after your first visit.

We have found that our unique combination of Infra Red Sauna, Hydrotherapy and Hands On treatment provides better results than just hands on treatment alone and will assist in speeding up your recover time greatly.  We are the only therapist to offer this service in Cork.

This very unique approach to Frozen Shoulder Treatment, which will be tailored to your injury will over time bring about a lasting solution to this painful condition getting you back into the activities you wish to participate in ASAP.