Sciatica Treatment Cork

Is Sciatica affecting your ability to play your favourite sports?

Is it a drag not being able to run without limping and eventually hobbling to a complete stop because if that burning sensation in your gluteal/ hamstring even down to your calf muscles?

Have the painkillers and anti inflammatories the injections the foam rolling and massage all failed you?

The strange aspect to this injury it moves around a lot. Some people experience pain and tenderness in the gluteal region, some others in the hamstring and calf and in severe cases all the way to the ankle.

Pain and burning tingling numbness and even difficulties walking are all symptoms, sometimes just standing up can cause aggravation of the symptoms.

If all this feels familiar, then you recognise that trying to overcome this  problem on your own is quite difficult. The very nature of this injury can have many contributors and also can be be very difficult to pinpoint the causative factors.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica which is a lower back pain that reaches down and the legs can affect athletes participating in cycling, running, golf, tennis and basketball – in fact nearly all sports.
There are two types of sciatica one can be caused through bulging disc’s and back spasms, and the other type of lower back pain can often be found in athletes most commonly caused by improper stretching, poor warm up routines, where your piriformis muscle impinges the sciatic nerve.
Sciatica is derived through bulging discs requires quick medical attention from a doctor.However some back spasms can be treated with rest, ice and over the counter anti inflammatory medication.

Sciatica is a formidable injury to treat as it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem stems from.

How we can help

When we treat this injury from the sports perspective as in piriformis impingement syndrome, this is not a true “lumbar radioculopthy”

Many factors can add to this condition, dehydrated tissue, poor stretching technique,inadequate warm up and cool down,atrophy of gluteal zone.

When we address it from a sacroiliac dysfunction located at the base of the spine – this can also irritate the L5 nerve which lies on top of the sacroiliac joint causing very similarities to sciatica-type pain. Once again this is not true radioculopathy, but the leg pain can feel very similar to the sciatica caused by nerve irritation.

At Maher Sports Therapy we have a proven track record in successfully treating Sciatica from a non radioculopathy perspective, non surgical rehab.

Our aim is to restore the normal circulation to the lower limbs and lower lumbar region and as a result return normal strength and range of motion to your gait.

We have found that our unique combination of Infra Red Sauna, Hydrotherapy and Hands On treatment provides better results than just hands on treatment alone and will assist in speeding up your recover time greatly.  We are the only therapist to offer this service in Cork.

Working specifically on any functional leg length discrepancies.Safe Strengthening exercises for your back, and gluteal plus abdominal alongside hip flexor release.

Active isolated stretching is a great technique we employ in sciatica pain therapy.

This very unique approach to Sciatica Treatment, which will be tailored to your injury will over time bring about a lasting solution to this painful condition getting you back into the activities you wish to participate in ASAP.