IT Band Friction Syndrome

IT Band Friction SyndromeAre you struggling to play your favourite sports, is it a drag not being able to run without limping and eventually hobbling to a complete stop because if that burning sensation on the outer border of your knee.Have the painkillers and anti inflammatories the foam rolling and massage all failed you. The strange aspect to this injury is you never really feel it until a certain length of time or distance has been accomplished, so it might show up at three miles into a run or walk or after 25 mins into a game, otherwise there are really no symptom.Some people experience pain and tenderness on the outside of their hip, even a snapping pain as the ITB rolls back and forth over the lateral femoral condyle, one might even hear popping sound when walking or running.

Pain and swelling dissipates with rest only to return with activity that involves knee extension and flexion in a weight bearing activity

If you answered yes, then you recognise that trying to overcome this  problem on your own is quite difficult. The very nature of this injury is slow onset and also can be be very difficult to pinpoint the causative factors.

ITB Friction syndrome is a slow injury to heal.

The blood supply in this myofacial  connective tissue is low which exacerbates the problem. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem is

Many factors can add to this condition, such as internal tibial rotation, genu varum ( being bow legged), foot pronation, excessive growth spurts during teenage years in unison with high sporting activities, both high and low arches.

How we can help

At Maher Sports Therapy we have a proven track record in successfully treating ITB Friction syndrome.

Our aim is to restore the normal circulation to the knees, break up the clotted blood and stagnant fluids, lengthen the connective tissue adjoining the ITB and as a result return normal strength and range of motion to your knee.

You will receive a very comprehensive review of the cause factors involved and you can expect to experience a dramatic improvement after your first visit.

We have found that our unique combination of Infra Red Sauna, Hydrotherapy and Hands On treatment provides better results than just hands on treatment alone and will assist in speeding up your recover time greatly.  We are the only therapist to offer this service in Cork.

A unique approach tailored to your IT Band condition will over time bring about a lasting solution to this painful and annoying injury getting you back into the activities you wish to participate in ASAP.