PRP Knee Injection
September 11, 2017

I suffered from a complete meniscus cartilage tear on my right knee on New Year’s Day this year. I had ongoing problems with my left knee before this , so I was very much put out when my right knee became also injured.

I went to see two different orthopaedic consultants who both told me the same thing; that all they could do for the torn cartilage was put me on a waiting list for a scope. Both the consultants also said that they weren’t sure a scope would even help me in the long run, but that it was the only procedure that is available for the type of injury I had. I agreed to be put on the waiting list as I felt I had no other option.

I went to see Peter Maher who told me about a new therapy for exactly my type of injury, that he was currently undergoing himself. Peter said I would be a perfect candidate and set up a appointment for me to meet with Gary O’Toole in Dublin. Gary O’Toole also thought I was a good candidate for the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections and was very helpful explaining exactly what the injection did and entailed for me (he also explained to me what a scope was, something the orthopaedic consultants had failed to do).

Within a few weeks I received my first stem cell injection, a relatively painless procedure in which I walked in and out of the hospital in less than 2 hours. After a few short weeks I realised that I no longer suffered from the tight muscles and cramping in my legs as well as clicking in my knee, that I had had ever since my injury. I have had a second PRP injection since then and now my leg feels as good as new. I do not feel the need for a third injection. I also removed myself from the waiting list for the scope. I’m so grateful to Peter Maher and Mr O’Toole (as well as their amazing teams) for giving me my strong leg back, something that I was lost without and know I would not have seen again if it hadn’t been for their help and this brilliant innovative procedure.

Thanks again,

Maeve Sheridan